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Motorola’s open-source initiatives

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Motorola opens its mobile platforms under these terms.

This is essential to transform these tools into platforms, and allows Motorola to keep to its core competencies. Those who participate appear to be able to open-source or sell the code they add to the platform, so long as it’s not work derived from the SDK itself.

Newsforge notes this program from a Linux point of view.

Motorola hosts a public sourceforge under these terms, partly to help create a more open and common JavaME.

This is better aligned to the interests of the community, since each package on the site has its own open-source license. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is also where Motorola eventually presents open-source software it redistributes and so must post.

Part of the community reaction, on Slashdot. Insightful, informative, or interesting threads by moreati, Eugenia Loli, Mafia$oft, m0llusk, and RichiP. Comments also referred to Nokia’s version of an open-source site.

Eclipse Tools for mobile Linux (TmL)

Motorola joined the Architecture, Requirements, and Planning Councils of the Eclipse Foundation, to support development tools for “C/C++ applications targeting mobile Linux platforms.”

(The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent Motorola’s positions, strategies, or opinions.)


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8 May 2006 at 0005

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