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This was my list of favorite tweets on Twitter.  I moved it here to use Favorites as list of tweets to read and possibly retweet.

cnnbrk Ashton Kutcher is first to reach 1 million followers in Twitter contest with CNN.

cnnbrk Congrats @aplusk. Ashton Kutcher is the first twitter account to reach 1MM followers.

chartbeat It’s official! @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) is the first twitter user with 1,000,000 followers.

beep @catenate: Awesomely said.

  • Tac AndersontacandersonWhy You Should Use Favorites in Twitter
  • hotdogsladieshotdogsladiesIf there’s 9 Features in a Product, 8 Products in a Service, and 6 Services in a Solution, what time will Mary’s train arrive (in hectares)?

  • Paul PagelpaulwpagelWho cares about calling themselves a software craftsman? I do, because I care about the software I write.

  • THE RecruiterGuyTheRecruiterGuyOn a call… the person on the other end isn’t taking notes on paper… he’s storing them in his “mind trap”

  • ExecTweetsexectweetsRT @jowyang Just because you’re an evangelist doesn’t mean you’re a leader. Don’t forget to turn around and see if anyone is following.

  • Jeremiah OwyangjowyangJust because you’re an evangelist doesn’t mean you’re a leader. Don’t forget to turn around and see if anyone is following.

  • Jason CatenacatenateHomer’s Odyssey on Twitter via @stevebuttry @charles_sharp @rc_dickerson)

  • Daniel BrockmandbrockI think Edward Tufte would like this: “Ran 62 tests, but 5 failed! ……………F…FFFF…………………………………”

  • Jason Catenacatenate8 great questions reintroduce logical thought and civility to technical discussions (@al3x via @rands)

  • unclebobmartinunclebobmartinA master cratfsman simply knows what he is doing, and can show others. You don’t want Britney showing your kids _anything_.

  • unclebobmartinunclebobmartinA master craftsman is not the center of a personality cult. Britney Spears is the center of a personality cult.

  • unclebobmartinunclebobmartinRT @catenate: Software Craftsmanship and Programmers’ Status (remixed Naur, @unclebobmartin, IEEE-CS/ACM)

  • unclebobmartinunclebobmartinRT @catenate: My experience with the Master Craftsman Teams @unclebobmartin describes.

  • Tim O'ReillytimoreillyGood #quote via @SandyGuerriere: When you cease to make a contribution you begin to die. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Jason Catenacatenate#BSG Watchtower: Heeding the Call Bear McCreary conducts in concert

  • Jason Catenacatenate#BSG Watchtower vocals Kara on piano Bear McCreary on piano scene

  • Michael Feathersmfeathers“Fast failure is way better than error prevention” – Fred George at #speakerconf

  • crp4ulaGah! #gnuplot’s shiny new wxt output is so slow, starts crawling at 50k points. “set term x11” is ten times faster, plotting 500kpoints/s.

  • unclebobmartinunclebobmartinThe fact that I know, in some detail, why the sky is blue, does not diminish, in any way, today’s breathtaking beauty.

  • TheOtherAlistaiTheOtherAlistai@catenate Thx – happy you post it (“Excerpted part of ASD appendix on Naur85 in“). Naur’s article needs more exposure.

  • Guy MartinguymaRT @RichMillington: I love the moment in comm. building when members realise they don’t need authority to do things. Just the support of ppl

  • Fellow AtheistsFellowAtheistsRecently overheard: spiritual speaker says, “Atheists lack imagination.” Atheist replies, “Nah, we can just tell when we’re using it.”

  • Jason CatenacatenateTemporary cubicles enforce resourcefulness. Today, successfully used pens as chopsticks to eat penne lasagna.

  • Jason CatenacatenateRT @jmichele “Those who do not connect, share and collaborate will have a hard time in business and in social life.”

  • Alex Millerpuredanger@catenate you have just been eaten by a grue

  • Jason Catenacatenate@amcafee #andyasks It’s okay not to know the answer to a question, even to a customer: just say you don’t know, but you’ll find out.

  • Jason Catenacatenate@jcchurch Generalize custom innards of for loops to apply reusable small functions. Outer stateful context (monads) call pure functions.

  • Michael Feathersmfeathers‘In the long run every program becomes rococo – then rubble. ‘ – Alan J. Perlis

  • Steven ToomeysteventNot surprising: “Your search ‘tufte’ did not match any products in: Kindle Store”

  • Michael Feathersmfeathers@pgoodwin @headius A type system is is the set of tests a language designer could come up with knowing nothing about your program.

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    14 April 2009 at 1738

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