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I transfer, backup, share, and store files I don’t want to lose in Dropbox.

I index text of arbitrary length with keywords, compose searches on those keywords, and occasionally grep the full text. I distribute these notes, URLs, bibliographic references, and references to other notes across each directory in which I work, and recall any information in the system from any of these directories. I wrote nb to do this, a dozen-line script for the rc shell. (Rc is part of Plan 9, ported to unixes by plan9port).

I’m learning Ruby for object-oriented dynamically-typed imperative/functional scripting, and Haskell for elegant statically-typed functional compilation.  For systems programming I’m leaning Go since it looks better designed than C++ or Java, and has some features I appreciate from Haskell (eg, channels between coroutines, first-class functions) that make it more interesting and applicable than C.  The manage my small projects with Pivotal (testing flow, which inspires me to just use index cards) and store their code on my github.

I use Google to search, compose mail, and read rss feeds (styled by Lucidica) which have no twitter (link-shortening by feed, at least until their wave breaks into the main stream.  I occasionally show my face (looking forward to something better) and link in.

I listen to cdbaby for (new) music, since I’d rather not enrich any company funding the RIAA.

Aging delicious links sorted by keyword (since converted to nb format).


Written by catena

8 April 2009 at 1007

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